A billionaire donor who has supported Republican causes in the past gave $117,700 to the Gary Johnson Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee benefitting the Libertarian ticket.

B. Wayne Hughes, whose net worth is $1.29 billion according to Forbes' valuation, previously gave big bucks to Karl Rove's American Crossroads, but is maxing out to support Johnson in 2016.

"I'm proud to support Gary Johnson for president because, like millions of other Americans this election cycle, I've grown tired of witnessing the nasty political mudslinging and angry rhetoric from both the right and left and am yearning for leadership that embodies honesty, civility and real solutions for our country," Hughes said in a statement shared by Johnson's campaign. "Fortunately, this important election year, voters have a real alternative with the Johnson/Weld ticket."

Hughes, the son of the founder of Public Storage, lauded Johnson's record as a tax-cutting governor of New Mexico who used his small business experience to balance the budget and revamp the state's infrastructure.

Johnson will campaign in California and Wisconsin later this week.