Former President Bill Clinton on Monday announced major "changes" to the operation of the Clinton Foundation that would take place if Hillary Clinton is elected president in November, and told supporters in posting on the foundation's website that it would be "irresponsible" not to plan for Clinton's victory.

In his announcement, Clinton said if his wife were to win the White House, the foundation would no longer accept foreign donations and that he would step down from the foundation board and fundraising duties.

Clinton also said a November win for Hillary Clinton would result in the foundation moving certain aid programs to other organizations that conduct the same type of work.

Clinton said this September would mark the end of the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting and CGI America.

"The process of determining the Clinton Foundation's future if Hillary becomes President has not been easy," Clinton said in the memo. "It's an unprecedented situation, so there's no blueprint to follow."

It had been reported for the last few days that the Clintons would make changes to the foundation if they were to return to the White House. The Clintons have been criticized for a potential conflict of interest posed by the foundation's donor list, which includes big gifts from foreigners, corporations and other governments.

Clinton's Republican rival, Donald Trump, has called for the Clinton Foundation to be "shut down immediately," and said the donations from foreign countries should be returned.