Despite a flurry of polls indicating electoral problems for Democrats in this November’s elections, vice president Joe Biden is putting on a good face about it all, telling Mike Allen of the Politico that he doesn’t see Republicans wiping Democrats out this fall, largely because he thinks the GOP has too negative of an agenda:

I know what the Republicans are against. I have no notion of what they’re for. Now, I’m not being facetious now. I don’t know what their answer is, when they talk about taking down health care. Well, what are they for? I’ve gone into almost 70 races so far to campaign for Democrats — governor, Senate, Congress etc.

Still, he does see things as a challenge, however:

“Right now, we’re in our most vulnerable position,” Biden said. “And that is that the American people, no matter what they think of the direction of the country — even if it’s positive — a lot of them are left out there in a real difficult situation. We lost 8 million jobs because of this recession. And although we’ve created over 600,000 in the first six months of this year, we have a long way to go. And so people are dissatisfied because they’re having trouble makin’ it. And right now, you’ve got Democrats versus the Democrats — the most vulnerable place we can be. But once you start to put names and faces on the opposition, you’re going to see this thing change.”