A look at the Redskins entering training camp, which begins Thursday:

The skinny: Santana Moss remains the top receiver, but who will be the No. 2? Antwaan Randle El’s departure takes away a consistent producer, albeit one who lacked explosiveness and did not threaten defenses enough. Still, you knew what to expect. That’s not the case with Devin Thomas or Malcolm Kelly – or, for that matter, Joey Galloway. Mike Furrey and Bobby Wade are two other vets competing for spots. But names to watch include rookie Terrence Austin, Roydell Williams and Anthony Armstrong.

Cause for optimism: The receivers will be moved around more than the past two years, when they often felt as if the defenses knew where they were going. They felt it was too easy to double team someone like Moss. But Kyle Shanahan excelled with getting his receivers in Houston freed up (of course, having Andre Johnson helps). Moss is still fast and Thomas showed potential in the second half of last season. If the Redskins use as much play-action as they say they will, then both receivers should benefit.

Cause for concern: Moss is 31 and his days as a strong No. 1 might be over. Is he declining, or was it the system? We’ll find out. Plus, now that he’s no longer getting treatments from Anthony Galea, how will his knee respond? Whether or not he did anything illegal, the treatments must have helped because he’s been relatively healthy the past few years. Will that continue? There’s serious doubt that Kelly or Thomas ever will “get it.” If I had to pick one who would emerge, it would be Thomas, but both have something to prove.

The verdict: Worse. Moss is a year older and coming off knee surgery; Thomas had a second half he should build off of, but I’m not sure how much love the coaching staff has for him at this point. Kelly hasn’t done a whole lot. (Blame Vinny all you want for Thomas and Kelly, but just know that he was following orders). Time is definitely running out on Kelly. If Galloway, Wade and Furrey all make it, that’s a rather damning statement on the young veterans. Galloway still has speed, but he was cut twice last year. What does he have left? Furrey could help on special teams if nothing else. Moss can still be a threat, but there are a lot of holes in this group.

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