Some drivers stuck in last night's snow storm spent their time recording video from their misadventures. Others ventured out in the snow to record some of the events around them. From last night's storm related events, here are some of the YouTube moments captured by users in the Washington DC area.

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Watch below:

YouTube user TheSpecialist33 has been in his car for a while, and reports in from the road with this video.

"I left at 6:30 and I work 5 miles from home and I have been sitting in traffic FORever, he says, So I just wanted to put this down so my old grandpa self can remember back on this day."

User karibaxter uploaded a video of a DC hook and ladder truck trying to weave through traffic.

User JONKYTZ captures some thundersnow footage with some of his friends as houses nearby lose power.

User RealMCR12 records "Mayhem in Maryland" on the go as he films cars that have slid off the road

Youtube user gfreakj already has a popular "man on the street" video trending regarding last night's snow storm.

User jackokorn shot footage from his windshield as he drove home on snow covered roads. "It's crazy out here dude."