Democrats on the House Select Committee on Benghazi cited past scheduling conflicts Saturday when they cast doubt on the news that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be appearing before the committee in October.

"Given how Republicans have denied scheduling hearings and other events the past ... all we can confirm at this point is that the date was offered and accepted, not that the Republicans will stick to it," a Democratic committee spokesman said.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the select committee, proposed several different dates in October for the hearing to Clinton's attorney, who selected Oct. 22, the spokesman said.

But the Democrats expressed their reservations about whether the majority would ultimately allow the hearing to take place given previous disputes over the timing of the committee's schedule.

Earlier this month, the minority released a previously unpublished hearing schedule for 2015 after lamenting the fact that none of the interviews had taken place as scheduled. Democrats blamed the "abandoned" schedule on what they saw as the majority's partisan focus on Clinton's misconduct.

Republicans and Democrats on the committee also sparred over whether to hold a hearing to discuss the release of a transcript from a deposition involving one of Clinton's former aides.

A spokesperson for committee Republicans denied that a concrete date for the Clinton testimony had been set in October, pointing to disagreements with the candidate's legal team over the scope of potential questioning.