Ben Carson doesn't think Donald Trump's should label Hillary Clinton a "bigot" as the two major party nominees clash over racial politics.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Carson likened the move to something a third-grader would do, adding that people who make those sorts of comments "don't have anything to talk about."

"I don't generally get into the name-calling thing," the former presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon said in the interview on Friday. "I kind of left that behind in the third grade. I certainly don't encourage it because the issues that we're facing are incredibly important — for us and for the future generations."

"That's what people do who don't have anything to talk about," Carson said, referring to people on both sides of the aisle.

Carson made the comment after Trump doubled down on his claim Thursday, reiterating to CNN's Anderson Cooper that Clinton is a bigot. He initially made the remark Wednesday night during a rally in Jackson, Miss.

"She is a bigot," Trump told Cooper. "She is selling them [African-Americans] down the tubes because she's not doing anything for those communities. She talks a good game. But she doesn't do anything."

On Friday, Trump upped the ante against Clinton, releasing a video on Instagram hitting Clinton for her 1996 remark in which she referred to African-American youths who commit crimes as "super-predators" while supporting the crime bill former President Bill Clinton signed into law. The former secretary said earlier this year that she regretted using that term.