Metro and San Francisco’s BART system are often compared to one another as similar transit agencies.

  • Bay Area Rapid Transit has 104 miles of tracks and Metro has 106.
  • Both systems began in the 1970s and use similar technologies.
  • They also function as a cross between commuter trains with longer trips and subways with short urban hops, using similar pay-for-distance fare models.
  • They both shared Richard White as a top leader back in the day.

But one key difference: joie de vivre.
Some enterprising BART rider apparently added several swings inside the trains, tied to the ceiling rails, giving riders a chance to take a different kind of ride on their ride. (Thanks to Unsuck DC Metro for highlighting the link.) The photos on Treehugger seem to show much happier riders than those on our morning commutes.

But alas, Metro already has enough lawsuits to contend with, so such swings likely wouldn’t fly here.