Retired Democratic congressman Barney Frank has a new job: political columnist.

Frank joined the Arlington, Va.,-based publication Politico on Wednesday, apparently to counter-balance the work of National Review Editor Frank Rich, who also writes for Politico.

In an email to staff on Thursday, Politico Magazine Editor Garrett Graff described Frank as "a feisty, thoughtful voice from the left," according to their White House reporter Mike Allen.

Frank's debut piece, posted Wednesday, rails against Republican for what he calls their "War on Wages."

"The Republican tax agenda actually seeks to increase the inequality gap, both by diminishing the share of taxes paid by the wealthiest, and in turn, reducing the revenue available for paying public sector salaries, subsidizing higher education for working and middle-class families, providing income supplements to the working poor and easing the cost of health care," Frank wrote.

Frank retired from the House in 2013. During his tenure, he became a regular on the cable news circuit and a distinguished, combative voice from the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.