Indiana Gov. Mike Pence got a haircut broadcast live online by national news networks, but the barber had no idea he was cutting the hair of the GOP's vice presidential nominee.

After approximately 20 minutes of cutting Pence's hair in front of cameras broadcasting live from CNN and ABC, the barber finally decided to ask Pence for his name.

"Your name was?" asked the barber.

"Mike Pence," the governor responded.

"Mike Pence?" asked the barber.

"I'm the governor of the state of Indiana. I'm running for vice president of the United States," Pence replied.

"Go ahead, man," the barber said smiling. "Vice president? Oh boy."

"Yes sir," Pence replied. "I'm running with Donald Trump, so I'm his running mate."

"OK, alright," the barber responded.

Pence and the barber talked throughout the haircut about topics such as their respective marriages and the NFL, but did not mention the 2016 campaign.

At one point during the haircut, the barber mentioned that he came in to cut Pence's hair at the request of a friend. The barber apparently did not inquire as to whose hair he would be cutting or why reporters and cameramen arrived to witness the haircut.

Pence got his haircut in Pennsylvania, a battleground state, where he was campaigning on Tuesday. Trump is fundraising in Texas on Tuesday and taping a television special for Fox News.