Its not just left of center American politicians who have been making political hay out of the distressing events in Arizona. At least one Labour MP has joined the left-wing chorus bashing the right for its rhetoric. And like many on the left in the US, a bit of fact-checking finds that this person has used similar rhetoric or even worse than what they are condemning.

 Crash Bang Wallace reports on Kevin Brennan MP’s Twitter contribution to the frenzy.

 ““Let’s all give our thoughts to #GabrielleGiffords and eliminate the crosshairs mentality from our democratic discourse online or anywhere””

 As CBW points out, this is a noble wish, but one that is not born out by this MP’s own rhetoric.

 ““It is important to dispose of the ACT argument—the argument that the shortfall has been caused by the removal of advance corporation tax. I shall kill that stone dead once and for all” 25th March 2004 “

 Fortunately there are saner voices coming from the right in the UK, like MEP, author and wit Dan Hannan in his Daily Telegraph blog.

 “There is something blindly narcissistic about calling for a calmer debate while at the same time attacking Sarah Palin in terms that come close to incitement. Odium is not confined to any political faction. Spend five minutes reading the online reactions to the atrocity to see how readily Leftists resort to accusations of evil.”

 Even the BBC is reporting that its felt that politics did not motivate the shooting. Of course there is a report bemoaning the fact this will not mean more gun control. However they could not help but have a sneer and conservatives in their piece about the “blame game”.

 “Others at the vigil - unlikely conservatives, to say the least - agree: they may be dismayed by the anger and virulence of political discourse in America, but they do not connect it with the shootings of Saturday morning.”

 Considering the violence and the rhetoric contained in the recent student protests in London, British politicians should be wary of any  superiority. The son of the Monarch was attacked in his car and as the attackers chanted “off with their heads”.

 One rioter was jailed for 8 months due to his actions in the riot and occupation of Conservative Headquarters according to The Sun.

 “The judge told him: "It is my judgment, exceedingly fortunate that your action did not result in death or very serious injury either to a police officer or a fellow protester."

The actions in Arizona have clearly caused a conversation about political rhetoric in other parts of the world. It's a shame that some politicians and media types have made the same mistakes as their counterparts in the US.