New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte suggested Tuesday that Donald Trump ought to release his tax returns, but stopped short of insisting that he must.

The New Hampshire senator is locked in a tough re-election battle against the Granite State's Democratic governor, and has also rumbled with her own party's presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

"I think it's really, in the presidential race it's better to release them, but he's got to make that call," Ayotte told CNN Tuesday about the tax returns Trump has refused to release.

Ayotte told CNN she would vote for Trump but she would not give her "endorsement," meaning that she would not campaign with the GOP nominee this fall. She added that she would "constantly reevaluate" her vote for Trump in the run up to November. Trump refused to support Ayotte before he reversed himself and decided to endorse her.

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, Ayotte's Democratic challenger, criticized the Republican senator for trying to have it both ways on Trump in a separate interview with CNN. But the governor dodged three questions in the interview about whether she thought Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was honest and trustworthy.

There are 83 days remaining until Election Day.