Matt Labash has a piece on the Weekly Standard in which he starts living according to Justin Krebs’s new book: 538 Ways to Live Work and Play Like a Liberal.

The 538-item checklist was daunting. As Krebs admits, “Some of the ideas are hard, or even uncomfortable. You don’t have to do them all. Just think about them.” So I did. For roughly 10 days, I thought about them and undertook a good many of them. There was no way I could tackle them all. But it was clear that if I wanted to gain my independence by Independence Day by biting off a representative sample, I’d still be busier than a one-legged Obama in an ass-kicking contest. Time to get to work.

Labash goes to Whole Foods and Trader Joes, seeks out the most ‘liberal’ microbrews, pushes his Weekly Standard co-workers to live liberally, and reads the right books, magazines, and websites.

It’s a fun piece, read it during your lunch break or over the weekend.