Even Dmitry is backing away! (ap photo)

Political Wire brings to our attention a new Field Poll in Cullyfornia that finds Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger precisely as popular with voters as former Gov. Gray Davis was just before he was recalled.

Ouchie! Just 22 percent of California voters approves of the job their governor is doing, to 70 percent who disapprove. Notes the LAT:

The silver lining is that Schwarzenegger's numbers are better than the Legislature's numbers. Only 16% of those surveyed have a favorable impression of state legislators while 74% disapprove. The good news? Those numbers reflect a 3% increase in the Legislature's approval ratings since March.

They are Schwarzenegger's worst numbers yet, although they've been pretty bad for awhile. Davis, you'll recall, was recalled by voters in 2003, leading to the election in which California voters thought it would be hilarious to elect Schwarzenegger as governor. We supported someone else in that race.

Remember when Schwarzenegger was still kind of popular and there was talk of changing the Constitution so he could run for president? The former action star recently told Jay Leno he would still totally run.