The flooding at Arlington’s Washington-Lee High School has local parents wondering why school officials waited so long to notify the public.

Arlington resident Sara Hansard, whose daughter is set to begin school at Washington-Lee this fall, is annoyed about the delay in notification. Her daughter is also signed up to attend the Orange Line Sports Basketball Camp, which was to be held at the school’s gym later this month.

“We just found out about it now because the guy who runs the camp just found out about it,” Hansard said of the flooding. “I mean, this is two weeks before the camp is supposed to start. It’s ridiculous.

“It seems odd to me that nobody heard about it until two months after it happened,” Hansard said.

Susan Kalish, a spokeswoman for the county, said school officials didn’t want to notify parents and camp organizers until they knew for certain that the camps would have to be moved.

“We felt it could confuse people to say we think we have to move everyone but we’re not sure yet,” Kalish said.

Arlington officials expect the gym repairs to be completed next month.