Let the "new tone" begin! Democratic senator Chuck Schumer announced on Sunday's Meet the Press that he would sit next to Republican Tom Coburn during the president's State of the Union address. 

From the transcript:

My colleague Senator Mark Udall called for Democrats and Republicans to sit together at the State of the Union.  I called up Tom after he did that, and he graciously agreed, we're going to sit together Wednesday night at the State of the Union, and we hope that many others will follow us.  Now, that's symbolic, but maybe it just sets a tone and everything gets a little bit more civil.  We believe in discourse in America.  We believe in strenuous discourse.  We don't sweep differences under the rug.  Tom and I have real differences.  But we can do it civilly.  I will say, to Tom's credit, we have disagreed on a whole lot of stuff, but he's always been civil, he's always been a gentleman.  And that's an example that people should follow--politicians and the media.

Republicans and Democrats sitting together? Mass hysteria!