Heads up, Apple users: the pistol emoji available on Apple devices soon will be no more.

Apple said Monday that the pistol emoji will be removed from the keyboard and replaced with a lime green water pistol water when it rolls out its iOS 10 operating system in the fall.

"More than 100 new and redesigned emoji characters will be available to iPhone and iPad users this fall with iOS 10," Apple said in a news release. "This exciting update brings more gender options to existing characters [and] ... adds beautiful redesigns of popular emoji."

Apple also announced other emoji changes, including adding women doing stereotypically male jobs like detective, basketball player and construction worker. There's also a single parent option now, in addition to a pride flag.

The pistol emoji has landed some people in trouble before.

A Virginia middle-schooler in December was charged with a felony after posting threats in an Instagram comment reading, "Watch out, I'm coming" with the pistol, knife and bomb emojis. In January, a Brooklyn teen was arrested after making threats against cops on his Facebook page with emojis, including the police officer emoji with three pistol emojis pointing at it.

An organization called New Yorkers Against Gun Violence started a campaign last year to get Apple's pistol emoji replaced.

Apple users can download the public beta version of iOS 10 now before its official release in the fall.