By this point, it doesn't matter what transpired with LeBron James. All that matters is we need people to, how do we say this politely ... Shut up! And that starts with you, Jesse Jackson.

No doubt Jackson saw this as a chance to be relevant again. And the first time we hear anything from him in a long time is about how Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is treating James like a "runaway slave" with his comments regarding the ex-Cavalier star. Jilted lover? Yes. But slave owner? Goodness sakes. Sign us up for that sort of indentured life.

But can Gilbert please shut it, too? He called James a quitter and railed on "The Decision." Great. Owner playing to hurt fan base. It works. And he explained some of his thinking again on on Monday, saying he didn't regret his initial words. He should, well, at least some of them.

Doesn't he realize the less he says, the worse James looks? But all we ask is that they just go away for a while. Please.