The Democratic Coalition Against Trump said it intends to file a complaint urging the federal government to investigate whether Melania Trump violated immigration law.

The coalition is a division of a larger anti-Trump group, the Keep America Great PAC, that is working to prevent Donald Trump from winning the White House.

Nate Lerner, Democratic Coalition Against Trump executive director, told the Washington Examiner that he's looking to expose Trump's hypocrisy on illegal immigration.

"She's not running for office, but she is the potential first lady of the U.S. and we need to know if she's being honest," Lerner said.

He added that he thought Melania Trump's statements about her arrival in America raise questions that reveal the mendacity of Trump's campaign and his rhetoric about illegal immigration.

"It's just another example of their lack of transparency within the Trump campaign, their lack of integrity, their lack of honesty," Lerner said. "It's funny because he paints Hillary Clinton as this crooked politician, but the email servers compared to everything that Trump has said and done, everything that's gone wrong in campaign, it is nothing."

This month, the anti-Trump group detailed its intention to request documents under the Freedom of Information Act to reveal the truth about Melania Trump's past. The group said in a statement that its newest actions are intended to reveal "whether Mr. Trump and his wife violated our nation's immigration laws" before the November election.

If Melania Trump is proven to have violated immigration law, it is unclear whether the anti-Trump group or the Clinton campaign would push for her prosecution or deportation.