Commuters who thought they had it bad on Wednesday morning had another thing coming on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The snowstorm first dumped a slushy mess that fouled up streets, sidewalks and rails, forcing Metro to end bus service at 9:30 p.m., stalling traffic on roads and leaving some Virginia Railway Express riders stuck for hours. Metrorail riders reported packed trains and platforms as workers rushed home early trying to avoid the storm. Pedestrians slip-slided through the muck.

The slurry then froze overnight into concrete, leaving many secondary roads crusty for the morning commute.

Federal workers got a two-hour reprieve, as did many schools and offices. But the route in was tough for those relying on the roads and commuter rails.

MARC trains cancelled trains on both the Camden and Brunswick lines, but also faced delays on the lone Penn Line.  Virginia Railway Express riders faced delays, too.

Meanwhile, Metrobuses were rerouted to snow emergency lanes in the morning, while MetroAccess trips were delayed until 10 a.m.

But Metrorail? Riders reported near empty commutes and largely smooth sailing, compared to recent days.