Ann Coulter once cautioned Republican voters against selecting presidential candidates with a penchant for making "outlandish remarks." She also never wanted a nominee who wasn't a governor nor one who had ever been divorced.

Now she supports Donald Trump, a former reality TV star with no government experience and who's been divorced twice.

"He's very entertaining and I think that's an important part of his appeal," Coulter told the Washington Examiner in an extensive interview this week. "And I don't think he could pull off the positions he's taking, which are awesome, without having his very alpha male and aggressive, politically incorrect and funny and entertaining personality."

The 12-time New York Times bestselling author is out with a new book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, a full-throated endorsement of the Republican nominee's run for the White House.

In the book, Coulter takes on the national news media, Trump's critics in the Democratic Party and even Republicans who won't get behind him. Though the conservative flamethrower hastened to tell the Examiner, "I hate attacking Republicans."

Coulter sees Trump as America's last hope. Through his hardline stance against illegal immigration and his bulldozing through all things politically correct, she says he'll save the country's culture.

And culture, she says, is what this election is about.

"We're always instructed to be so careful and be respectful of the native populations, don't ask for ketchup in France, you have to learn to use a few phrases in French," she said. "But we're supposed to be happy about our culture being replaced," she said.

Trump is the opposite of all that.

In her book, Coulter cites Trump's lack of "taste" — the real estate developer is just as iconic for his gold-plated buildings as he is for his mystifying head of hair — as a key selling point.

"With Trump, he doesn't care about the opinions of other people. It's part of what makes him so great," she said. "Anyone else, you could say, 'You can't take these positions. These are tacky positions. This isn't going to get you into the right clubs. This won't impress the people you want to impress.' And anybody else would say, 'Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, let me take that back. Did anybody see me?' And Trump says, 'No, I think I still want to build a wall.' He doesn't care about the approval [of] Charlie Rose, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NPR opinion. He doesn't care. That gives him immunity to insane and suicidal positions."

Even as Trump represents nearly everything Coulter warned her fellow conservatives against, she still thinks he's their guy for now.

"I don't care, he's going to build a wall," she said of his flaws. "Nobody else would build a wall. He's going to protect Americans, and working-class and middle-class Americans, protect their jobs, end these terrible trade deals, stop dumping low-wage immigrants on the country, save America, save the culture. Yeah, I'm throwing a lot of rules out."