Conservative author and Donald Trump supporter Ann Coulter isn't giving up on her candidate yet, even as he appears to be shifting on an issue most dear to her.

Trump is now open to possibly "softening" his hardline stance on illegal immigration, and the candidate said Wednesday night on Fox News that he would consider letting many illegal immigrants remain in the country, instead of deporting them all.

Immigration has been a cornerstone of Trump's campaign since its launch last year, starting with his promise to "build a wall" on the Mexican border and deport all illegal immigrants.

In an interview earlier that same day with the Washington Examiner, Coulter, whose own stance on immigration inspired Trump's controversial views on it, said it's not worrying her.

"It mostly worries me rhetorically ... I mean, what to do with the illegals already here was never really a big part of it," she said. "We're getting a wall. We're definitely getting a wall. That's the one thing we know about a Trump presidency."

Coulter, author of the new book In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, said Trump still offers more than any of the other Republicans had.

"I don't think it is a change in policy," she said of Trump. "The policy is anyone who's here illegally is here illegally, does not have the right to be here. We'll decide whether it's in our interest to let them stay or not. Perhaps it is in our interest to let some of them stay."