What do politicians do after losing an election? If you're Sharron Angle, you share all the make-up tips you learned while on the campaign trail. The former U.S. Senate candidate from Nevada recently appeared as a special guest at an "evening of glamour" in Las Vegas. There, she touted SeneGence cosmetics, introduced to her by Jeri Taylor-Swade, a SeneGence independent distributor who worked on Angle's campaign. "There was times when she would take a red eye...get off the plane and there would be reporters right there and she needed to look good and she needed to know that she didn't have make-up smeared everywhere," Taylor-Swade explained to Yeas & Nays. "So that's what she did, she shared with everybody there the wonderful benefits of the makeup." Angle was not paid for the event and didn't talk about losing the race to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. "In fact, she even said this is not about politics," Taylor-Swade said. "This is about girls getting together and finding out what would benefit them and help them."