After an impressive march through the NFL Playoffs that saw Playboy Morning Show co host Andrea Lowell go a stunning 7 wins and just a single loss (thanks Seattle). So today she stepped up to the plate and boldly made her choices for who would advance to the Super Bowl in Dallas.

The always perfect Ms. Lowell had a special place in her bosom for the Steelers to beat the Jets in the AFC Championship game while she likes the Packers to beat the Bears in the NFC.

So the always red hot Lowell thinks that the Steelers will be in Dallas seeking a seventh Super Bowl Title. They won their league high sixth 6th Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLIII) against the Arizona Cardinals. Meanwhile the Packers would be seeking a fourth Lombardi Trophy with  their last coming in 1997.

Kevin Klein who is Lowell’s partner on the Playboy Morning  and who won the regular season prognosticating see’s things far differently. He boldly challenged her by picking a Jets-Bears Super Bowl and next week their final picks of the season will come as they choose a 2010 Super Bowl Champion.

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