When veteran news anchor Rita Cosby asked Donald Trump about the Obama administration's controversial deal with Iran, she wasn't asking Trump the Republican presidential candidate. She was asking Trump the patriot.

"And you know you hear the reaction already in Iran, they are dancing in the streets," Cosby said in a recent interview with Trump. "How much does that trouble you, as someone who loves this country?"

Cosby, a CBS "Inside Edition" correspondent and former Fox News and MSNBC anchor, was referring to reports this week that Iranians celebrated the deal, which will lift economic sanctions on the country in exchange for placing limits on its nuclear development program.

"Well, we're not dancing because everyone knows it's a terrible deal," Trump said. "Even the level of popularity among Democrats is way down. Everyone knows it's a terrible deal. [President Obama] folded on every point, and then the last two days, he gave them everything they wanted. It's incredible. And we had the cards. They don't have the cards. We have the cards. So it's so sad watching what's happening with this country."

Cosby's interview with Trump also touched on how history will "view" Obama ("He's a disaster as a president"), Trump's contentious remarks on illegal immigrants ("People are actually apologizing to me right now)" and Bill Cosby ("I think he's guilty as hell").

The interview airs Sunday on New York's WABC.