A major anti-Hillary Clinton organization is adding a nonprofit affiliate to its quiver as it ramps up for 2016.

America Rising, a Republican super PAC focused on opposition research, was set Tuesday to unveil AR2. The issues-based 501(c)4 won't be able to run ads directly attacking political foes the way America Rising does. But the group is permitted to spend roughly half of what it raises on political persuasion, and can run critical spots urging someone like Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, to take positions on particular issues.

The additional benefit to America Rising's opening of a nonprofit affiliate: Unlike its super PAC parent, AR2 doesn't have to disclose its donors. That could avail America Rising of a new stream of contributors that allows the organization to expand its reach. On Monday, America Rising shared its plans for AR2 with the Washington Examiner, which include Missouri Rising, a state-based affiliate of the nonprofit that also was set to be unveiled Tuesday.

"AR2 will provide the public with the real facts about liberal policies, investigate liberal organizations, and hold liberal networks accountable," Joe Pounder, the president of America Rising LLC who also serves as executive director of AR2, said in a statement. "AR2 will ensure people all across our country have the most up to date information to help drive the conversation about the issues in their states. We're taking research to the next level and applying it directly to the issues debates."

Senior officials at AR2 include communications director Jeff Bechdel who holds a similar post with America Rising, and Natalie Gillam, the deputy communications director and research director. Gillam was a deputy research director at the Senate GOP campaign committee in 2012. Brian Baker, a top official at Ending Spending, a Republican friendly super PAC, is serving on AR2's board.

As AR2 grows, more state affiliates like Missouri Rising, which will focus on Show Me State issues, could be added to America Rising's repertoire.

Earlier this year, America Rising detailed its plans to target Clinton and help Republicans in their attempt to derail her 2016 campaign.

Disclosure: The author's wife works as an adviser to Scott Walker