The democratic process shone as surprise candidate Alvin Greene beat out the favored Vic Rawl in the South Carolina senate primaries. But six weeks after this news that shocked Republicans and Democrats alike, this democratic victory has revealed a dull (at best) performance in the voting booths.

Optimism over his nomination has quickly turned to skepticism, as Greene, who ran no campaign, has further dropped jaws from telling Time Magazine he should be “Man of the Year” to asking that Denzel Washington play him in a movie about him, and even suggesting that action figures be made of him to create jobs.

As people have tried to uncover how Greene secured this victory (investigating his past has been of no help), the general consensus comes down to “dumb luck.” Or voters who decided to just check the first name they saw on the Democratic side of the ballot.

Now, the true test begins as Greene begins his campaign for the SC Senate seat.

There certainly is something to be said for the honest, hard-working man in politics, a sight more comforting than the born politician seeking only to further his own influence. Yet, as Kathleen Parker quotes H. L. Mencken, the people know what they want and they “deserve to get it good and hard."