Some of the Alexandria Waterfront Committee members want a little more company at 7:30 a.m. After all, if they're getting up that early, shouldn't everybody have to?

At its monthly committee meeting Tuesday morning, several members commented that meeting attendance was getting a little sparse. Of the 15 City Council-appointed members, nine attendedTuesday. This is low but not far from par for the course (10 to 12 members usually present).

One of the committee members noted that the council had done at least one thing about it — former member, Robert Taylor, was removed from the committee for poor attendance, he said. According to meeting minutes, Taylor, who serves on the advisory board for the nonprofit Alexandria Seaport Foundation, missed half the committee meetings last year (five) and in 2009 missed nearly three-quarters (seven meetings).

The committee is made up of waterfront stakeholders who represent citizens, business, marina and waterfront users, and meets 10 times a year. It advises the city on waterfront issues.

So what did the Seaport Foundation have to say about its representative getting kicked off? Check out tonight's City Council docket under the "contested appointments" category — the foundation has nominated Taylor to represent it for another two-year term.