With a House vote to repeal the federal health care law scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va. – never one to mince words – defended the law on a pre-vote conference call.

“We may have lost the election in [a] number of Congressional districts, but we have not lost the American people’s support for health care reform,” he said.

Moran, who represents Virginia's 8th Congressional District, estimated that coverage would be denied to about 200,000 individuals in his Northern Virginia district alone if health care reform was repealed. He also ticked off other provisions in the law that would benefit the public, including requirements that insurance companies have to spend a greater percentage of premiums on coverage, rather than bonuses, advertising or lobbying.

Moran also criticized newly-elected Republican members who are accepting government-run health care, but are apparently prepared vote to repeal the new law, as hypocritical.

He delivered the remarks on a conference call put together by Organizing for America, President Barack Obama’s political arm, which associated with the Democratic National Committee.