Mitt Romney's choice of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan has reversed the presidential polling in the state, pushing the Republican over President Obama for the first time. It has also pushed Romney to his highest-ever level of support in politically-progressive Wisconsin.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey found that 48 percent of likely voters support Romney now, compared to 47 percent for Obama.

In late July, said Rasmussen, it was Obama 49%, Romney 46%. "This is the Republican's largest level of support yet in the Badger State. Prior to this survey, the president has earned 45% to 52% of the vote, while Romney has picked up 41% to 46% of the vote." A Romney victory in Wisconsin this fall would be a devastating blow to Obama's reelection.

Ryan is viewed favorably by 57% of the state's voters and 51% of Wisconsin voters believe Romney made the right choice in tapping Ryan as his running mate, said Rasmussen.

His favorable ratings are similar nationwide, the pollster said.

From Rasmussen:

Romney's choice of Ryan, the leading GOP congressional budget reformer, puts entitlement programs in the spotlight this election campaign, and 66% of Wisconsin voters view Medicare favorably. That's comparable to sentiments nationwide.

When asked which scares them more when it comes to the future of Medicare, 48% of Wisconsin voters name the president's health care plan. Forty-two percent say Ryan's Medicare proposal scares them more.

If necessary, 45% of Wisconsin voters say Ryan is ready to be president, but 42% don't share that view.