You'll recall that last year, Judicial Watch used the Freedom of Information Act to track Speaker Nancy Pelosi's travel habits and how much they were costing the taxpayer. At the time, they found that her trips cost about $2 million over two years and that she and her traveling companions had accumulated over $100,000 for "in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol." And we're talking some good stuff here -- Grey Goose vodka, Maker's Mark, Courvoisier cognac, and Bombay Sapphire gin. (They appear to have skimped on the scotch, though, going with Dewars and Johnnie Walker Red label instead of Black label)

This year, a similar Judicial Watch request found much greater frugality. They share the summary:

    Pelosi used the Air Force aircraft for a total of 43 trips, covering 90,155 miles, from January 1 through October 1, 2010.  The Air Force documented in-flight expenses for 22 of these flights totaling $1,821.33.  The Air Force did not provide expense information for the remaining 21 flights. Former Speaker Pelosi received chocolate covered strawberries as a birthday surprise on a March 26, 2010 flight.  According to one internal Air Force email sent on March 25, 2010:  “The speaker’s office is requesting egg salad sandwiches on wheat toast with fruit (watermelon, etc) for desert [sic].  It’s the speaker’s B-Day tomorrow so we’re also asking for something like chocolate covered strawberries (dark chocolate preferred)…”  The immediate response to the email from another member of the Air Force staff:  “Copy all.  We’ll plan something for the birthday and take care of the meal.”

     Very sweet of the airmen to remember her birthday.