Hillary Clinton dodged reporters' questions Thursday in Reno, Nev., and tried instead to distract members of the press with chocolates.

The move came after Clinton delivered a highly anticipated speech in which she accused GOP nominee Donald Trump and his allies of being bigots.

Following Clinton's anti-Trump address, she toured a local Reno coffee shop where she ignored a gaggle of reporters as they asked if she would take some questions.

"Now is a good time for a question, right?" one person asked as Clinton sampled some gourmet chocolates.

"I want you to offer it to all the press," Clinton said of the candies as she worked through a mouthful, "[these reporters] are so wonderful. So cooperative. So hard-working. They all deserve a piece of chocolate."

Ignoring the treats, one reporter asked, "Why not outright call Donald Trump a racist today?"

A reporter from CNN asked, "Secretary Clinton, any comment on your –"

Clinton continued to ignore the questions, and said gesturing to the sweets, "You'll love this. So good."

The CNN reporter persisted with her question for the Democratic nominee, however, and said, "Secretary Clinton –

"So good," the former secretary of state said, referring to the chocolate.

"Any comment on your husband leaving the Clinton Foundation—" the CNN reporter continued.

"Everybody try one!" the Democratic candidate said as she turned and walked away from the press gaggle.

It has been 264 days since Clinton's last press conference.

She has sat down for multiple, orchestrated interviews with members of media, but she hasn't participated in an unscripted back-and-forth with reporters since before a single vote was cast in the Democratic primary.

One of the Democratic nominee's most ardent supporters, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, defended her lack of press conferences, and said this week she should go on dodging them.

"She has no reason to trust the press corps, and the so-called email scandal is one of the reasons," he said in an interview on MSNBC.

"The trouble is the questions aren't legitimate, and the press isn't legitimate," he said. "They don't treat people in an even-handed way, and that is why, in my view, Hillary Clinton should not do press conferences. The press conference becomes a feeding frenzy, it becomes a one-upmanship and who can get the best story."