Top Romney advisor Ron Kaufman has a message for the media obsessed with the likability of presidential candidates: Fuggetaboutit.

Faced with pushing arguably the worst natural politician at the presidential level since Richard Nixon, Kaufman said that for all the efforts at the convention to portray Romney's likable side, what the campaign really hopes sinks in is that he's the best choice to fix the miserable economy.

"He's not a back-slapper...he's not a gregarious guy," said Kaufman of Romney. "He's not a good politician in the traditional sense." But, he argued, "we just tried that" and it didn't work with President Obama.

Instead, Kaufman said Romney is a "really good presidential candidate" who believes that Americans are so concerned with the economy that they will pick a him because of his policy ideas, and not reject him because he wouldn't be fun to have a beer with.

In fact, speaking here at a breakfast sponsored by the National Journal, Kaufman said that Romney has the five attributes needed to be president in tough times: Vision, an ability to inspire his team, leadership, intellectual curiosity and a "desire to make a decision."