As Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings wind down, many are looking for more information on the likely-soon-to-be justice. While all of the emails sent and received by Kagan during her time as a part of the Clinton administration were recently released online, the volume is difficult to navigate. The Sunlight Foundation, a group dedicated to making government information available and accessible, has found the cure.
    In order to make Kagan’s emails more accessible, the developers at the Sunlight Foundation have compiled the emails, dating from July 1995 to November 1999, in an easy-to-navigate format that resembles Gmail’s interface. The project, originally suggested to the Foundation through Twitter, can be found at and includes the typical email features, such as organizing the emails by date as well as a search bar. This allows users to search emails by topic and date, making it simple to discover any and everything about Kagan’s time in the Clinton White House.
    "This is a week when one of the most important jobs in our country is potentially being filled, and Elena's Inbox is giving journalists, researchers, and more importantly, every day citizens the chance to get know this person a little better through her work," said Sunlight Foundation's Engagement Director Jake Brewer. According to Brewer, Elena's Inbox "takes a massive amount of nearly-unusable government information and makes it not just usable, but incredibly easy to search through and understand for anyone. What's more common than searching through your email these days?"