USA Today has a front page story by Catalina Camia today purporting to show that Americans don’t like Mitt Romney’s Paul Ryan pick for vice president. Camia writes:

In a nationwide survey taken Sunday, 39% of registered voters call Republican contender Mitt Romney’s selection of Ryan “excellent” or “pretty good” while 45% rate it as “only fair” or “poor.” Sixteen percent have no opinion.

Camia does not bother to print the full results of the poll which show that just 18 percent of voters rate the Ryan pick as ‘poor’. In other words, 63 percent of Americans rate the Ryan pick between fair (24 percent), good (20 percent) and excellent (19 percent). Later in the article, Camia writes:

Ryan isn’t well-known. More than half of those surveyed, 53%, say they have never heard of him or don’t know enough to have an opinion. Among those who do, 27% give him a favorable rating, 21% an unfavorable one. By 50%-31%, voters say Ryan is qualified to serve as president. The survey of 488 registered voters has a margin of error of +/-6 percentage points. The results closely paralleled the findings of a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of 1,006 adults, which has an error margin of +/-4 points.

So USA Today’s super small (488) sample size on the Ryan pick has a huge +/-6 margin of error. Even then it still has Ryan with a net positive 27/21 fav/unfav. But here is what the full 1,006 sample size thought of Ryan:

So Ryan’s favorability margin goes up 2 in the full sample. Camia left this completely unreported.

Bottom line, Ryan has a solid net favorability rating among Americans and only a tiny minority think he was a poor pick as VP.