President Obama, perhaps the most liberal politician on the abortion issue to sit in the Oval Office, is being attacked by an abortion survivor in an ad to run in the swing-state of Missouri.

“I was aborted, and my body discarded like I didn’t exist,” Melissa Ohden says in the ad, which the center of a $150,000 campaign by the Susan B. Anthony List.  “There’s something else you may not know: when he was in the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama voted to deny basic constitutional protections for babies born alive from a failed abortion. Not once, but four times.”

Democrats have embraced the role of culture warriors in favor of abortion — the Democratic National Convention is expected to be “a pro-choice assault on the Republicans,” according to Paul Bedard — after Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., seemed to give away the Missouri Senate seat with his strange comments about abortion and rape.

“In light of the recent national discussion over abortion, it’s important Americans know the President’s best-kept secret: his extreme record on abortion,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “President Obama’s appalling record on abortion is not just limited to his four votes to deny rights to abortion survivors but spans to his recent heartless refusal to support bans on sex-selection and late-term abortions. These actions fly in the face of mainstream American views and run counter to the President’s first term pre-election talk of finding common ground.”