Though he has not yet announced his campaign for president, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers speculated on who he might choose as his vice president should he win Tuesday's Republican primary.

"Kasich maybe," the football player said on Twitter, responding to a question from "chocolate milk enthusiast" Dan Johnson. "Depending on how the rest of his year goes," he concluded, adding the "#WINconsin" hashtag.

Rodgers' tweet is a nod to a comment Ohio Gov. John Kasich made last week during a CNN town hall, when responding to a question on who he would choose as his running mate, should he win the nomination.

"Aaron Rodgers maybe if he had a better year next year, we'll see," he said at the end of his answer, which led to a headline on TMZ that read, "Aaron Rodgers DISSED BY JOHN KASICH ... in Packers territory."

He was asked to clear the air in an subsequent interview with Milwaukee's CBS 58, and Kasich tried to make peace in the apparent feud with NFL all-time career leader in regular season passer rating.

"Aaron Rodgers is really the class of the field when it comes to quarterbacks," Kasich said, while also and complimented the "legendary" Packers and the team's fans for being "so dedicated."