Bud Selig isn't afraid of change in baseball. But when it comes to the replay system, he's seen as much change as he wants to, perfect games be damned.

Selig told reporters via conference call Tuesday that he's content with the replay system baseball now uses, in which home run calls can be reviewed.

So that means, in the future, if a pitcher is robbed of a perfect game because of a horrific call then there will be no way to correct it.

"I'm a traditionalist at heart and I understand people talking about the use of technology," Selig said, "but we have it to a point where I think if you go any further you're really changing the sport and I'm concerned about that."

Selig is lucky that umpire Jim Joyce and Detroit pitcher Armando Galarraga as well as manager Jim Leyland handled that blown call so well earlier this season. That shifted the focus slightly off replay and onto their reaction.

But Selig said his committee of managers -- including Leyland -- general managers and owners as well as Frank Robinson and George Will agrees with him. He also said he received no pressure for more replay after the blown Galarraga call.

"I listened to what they have to say," Selig said of his committee. "I talk to a lot of players and to a lot of fans and quite frankly there's little appetite for more replay. At this point in time I agree with that.

"There is a pace of balance to the game that really ought not be disturbed. I'm comfortable where our sport is now."