Donald Trump isn't the only politician using Twitter to cultivate a fanbase.

Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte launched a parody Twitter account on Monday that her campaign plans to use to court internet-savvy New Hampshire voters by reminding them that their governor has been noticeably absent from the Granite State.

The new account, created under the username "MIA Maggie," will highlight Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan's out-of-state travel and educate voters on what she "should be spending her time focusing on instead of hobnobbing with Democrat elite and her special interest backers," Ayotte spokeswoman Liz Johnson told the Washington Examiner. Hassan is challenging Ayotte in her bid for Senate re-election.

"Your part-time, out of state, out of touch governor," reads the bio of the parody Twitter account.

Hassan, an active Hillary Clinton surrogate, has faced heightened scrutiny for attending more than a dozen out-of-state Democratic fundraisers since she launched her Senate campaign in February and reportedly costing New Hampshire taxpayers "thousands of dollars" by maintaining her state-funded security detail while traveling.

Beyond the "MIA Maggie" Twitter account, which has already begun engaging local reporters, Ayotte's staff plans to carry a life-size cardboard cutout of the Granite State governor to various locations around New Hampshire "to show voters what the governor should be doing to address the issues they care about." The campaign has dubbed their effort "take your governor to work week."

"It's a creative way for our campaign to let voters know about Hassan's failure to do her job and focus on the issues that the people of New Hampshire care about," Johnson said.

Hassan has accused Republicans of trying to shift the attention of voters attention away from pressing issues by attacking her recent travel schedule. "These criticisms are really very hypocritical and just intended to distract," she told reporters last month.

A spokesperson for the governor's campaign could not be reached for comment.