More art is coming into locals’ commutes.

Metro gave preliminary approval on Thursday to receive a donation of a series of stone and glass mosaics for the Gallery Place station, near the Seventh Street and Verizon Center entrance.

The work, by Maryland artist Martha Jackson Jarvis, features four panels of Chinese icons — all carefully screened by the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery to be culturally tasteful, said Metro art manager Michael McBride. (To see images of the work, here’s a PDF of the Metro board presentation. Flip to pages 6, 7 and 8 on the PDF.)

The Chinatown Cultural Center, Target, Pepco and DC Arts Commission are paying for the work and installation, according to Metro. The transit agency will be on the hook for a “nominal annual cost” for routine cleaning.

Metro has public art in various stations. The pieces, part of the Art in Transit program, tend to be in the bigger stations, such as Gallery Place. As Metro board member Christopher Zimmerman noted, the donation makes even more of a gallery out of Gallery Place.