Just a couple items I couldn't quite get to in the Branko Boskovic story in today’s print edition. By now you know he's eligible to play tonight against Seattle. The forecast is limited minutes.

First, the banner wasn’t the only gesture wasn’t the only thing the Rapid Vienna fans did to make Boskovic feel welcome and loved.

When Boskovic badly broke his left radius late in the 2008-09 season – he has a massive scar running down his left forearm – not just his teammates but even fans visited him in the hospital. It left a lasting impression.

“I have one operation, and really in this time, when it’s difficult for me, I see who is with me,” said Boskovic. “They are there and come to visit me and all the players. Really it’s something more.”

Also on Boskovic’s left arm is a tattoo of his son’s name, Uros´. Again, it’s something he did because he felt it in his heart. For now, the family – 5-year-old Uros´ and wife Daniela – are still back in Montenegro at the beach on the Adriatic Sea.

Lastly, Boskovic doesn’t mind flying under the radar while Thierry Henry captures all the headlines.

“For me, it’s better like this,” said Boskovic. “I want to prove myself. I want to give my maximum first and respect why my trainers tell me. I know now I’m not physically very good, but I want to make training every day and really want to prove I’m a player for D.C.”