The parents of a 9-year-old girl who died in a Hyattsville house fire on Wednesday tried desperately to go back inside the home and save their children, according to a tape of the 911 call released Friday.

The caller, a female neighbor, describes a fast-moving fire and down power lines at the home on the 4700 block of 40th Avenue. The blaze broke out at about 4 a.m. and killed Kimberly Hernandez and injured her three sisters.

The girls' parents are heard crying in the background of the call. The dispatcher asks the 911 caller to try to find out where in the home two girls trapped inside are, but she can't get their father's attention.

"He's not listening to me," she says. The parents are trying to re-enter the home, according to the caller.

"The fire department is coming. Please don't go back inside," the woman is heard telling the girls' parents.

Fire officials say the blaze was accidental, but have declined to provide further details.