Donald Trump gave a speech in Milwaukee on Tuesday, and his supporters want you to know they think it's one of the best speeches of all time.

Talk show host Dennis Prager said it was "one of the best speeches any Republican has given since Ronald Reagan" and complained the media should talk about the speech instead of the sudden campaign staff changes announced this morning.

Rudy Giuliani was much bolder. "This is the best speech that any Republican at the least has ever given," he said on "Fox and Friends" on Wednesday.

Okay, then.

The speech may have been good relative to other Trump speeches, but it's not likely to go into the unofficial GOP speech hall of fame.

Here are five speeches given by Republicans that are better (in no particular order):

The Gettysburg Address

President Abraham Lincoln - November 19, 1863

Tear Down This Wall

President Ronald Reagan - June 12, 1987

Ground Zero

President George W. Bush - September 14, 2001

Surly Bonds of Earth

President Ronald Reagan - January 28, 1986

"I Have Just Been Shot"

President Teddy Roosevelt - October 14, 1912

And those are just the ones I thought of off the top of my head. Aaron Blake at the Washington Post has a better, yet still incomplete, list that includes Reagan's "A Time for Choosing," Eisenhower's "Military-Industrial Complex" speech and more.

Jason Russell is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.