Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton undertook two investments in 1978 which would result in significant scandals for her because she was deeply concerned about her family's financial future.

However, the real data show that the Clintons were doing quite well for themselves financially at the time, which raises ongoing questions about her pursuit of personal wealth that produced both "cattle futures" and "whitewater."

That was the takeaway from a report in the New York Times Wednesday about Hillary's "anxiety" about money when she lived in Arkansas. As governor in his first term, Bill was making $33,519.14 per year as "one of the youngest, and lowest paid, governors in the country."

In fact, their combined income in 1978, the year Bill was first elected, came to only $51,173, reported the Times. Also mentioned, briefly, is the fact that the governorship came with a free residence and state hired help for the first couple.

Still, the Clintons' income might sound low until we adjust for inflation. $51,173 in 1978 would be $194,906.50 today, according to's inflation calculator.

That's a good living for any couple in America today and it would go further in Arkansas than most states of the country. The cost of living in Arkansas is the 4th lowest in the nation according to MERIC's cost of living index.

Arkansas's low cost of living may be one reason why the current governor, Republican Asa Hutchinson, makes only $87,759 today, according to Ballotpedia. That's less than Bill's first term annual salary adjusted for inflation: $127,666.