The liberal Twitter personality known as "Mona Hussein Obama" launched a series of insults and threats last week against 12-year-old conservative Internet sensation CJ Pearson. Now Pearson's family is pressing charges.

Ali A. Akbar, a consultant for Pearson, identified the account owner as Mona Brown of Baltimore. According to Akbar, Brown's comments began when Pearson demanded that activist George Takei apologize for "racist" comments against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Brown's tweets ranged from insults: "your fam has been bowing down to white ppl" to possible violent threats: "Wish we could switch Trayvon's life for yours."

Brown expressed remorse on Twitter Monday before deleting her account. "I apologize and I am deeply ashamed of the horrible statements I made to @cjpearson," she wrote. "U know the right wing will never stop attacking me but please know that I NEVER threatened him or his family."

Brown's comments had scared the outspoken young conservative offline, but only temporarily. "After much thought and consideration, I have decided to press forward and continue to fight for what I believe in," Pearson wrote Tuesday on Facebook. "Mona's hate has only strengthened my resolve and has encouraged me to continue to do what I love and what I do best."

For a 12-year-old, Pearson puts up an impressive front against the Left. The young African American first captured national attention in February when he took to YouTube to sharply criticizing President Obama's leadership.

Emily Leayman is an intern at the Washington Examiner