The 20,000 hacked Democratic National Committee emails released by WikiLeaks last month may just be the tip of the iceberg to the extent of information hackers stole from related parties.

More than 100 Democratic Party members and groups are now believed to have had private information stolen by the hackers, the New York Times reported late Wednesday.

Among the plethora of newly affected individuals are campaign officials to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and other party operatives, including groups who have supported Clinton's presidential bid. Others who were targeted may include the Democratic Governors Association and third-party groups affiliated with the party.

FBI agents have consequently begun to notify the growing list of Democratic officials whose messages were compromised by hackers. Russia has previously hacked the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and federal agents are looking into whether Vladimir Putin's administration is behind be this latest cyber attack.

The newly discovered hack could put Democrats in a tough position three months out from the election if information that paints Clinton in a bad light is released to the public.