Remember that airline commercial that asks "Want to get away?" for those embarrassing moments in life. In the internet age, there is no getting away when somebody comes up with a truly dumb, ridiculous or just plain bad idea. Barack O-boring

1| State of the Union snoozefest

The details: President Obama delivered his second State of the Union address during which he didn't mention the national debt once, all the while defending Obamacare and economic stimulus, and proposing new spending.

More waivers

2| 729 waivers for Obamacare

The details: New numbers from the Department of Health and Human Services reveal that by late December, a total of 729 waivers were granted exempting organizations from portions of Obamacare, up from 222 in October. Forty percent of those exempted are unions.

Oil spill scam

3| Fraudulent claims for BP money

The details: The $20 billion victims compensation fund for BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill has received 7,575 potentially fraudulent claims, according to its administrator, Kenneth Feinberg.

Missing link

4| Six months to probe sausage theft

The details: Waterfront Commission investigators in New Jersey interviewed 80 witnesses during a six-month probe of the theft of a $2 bottle of iced tea and a 50-cent piece of sausage, despite the offender's confession. The victim didn't press charges.

Wasting aid

5| HUD loses millions in waste

The details: ABC News and the Center for Public Integrity report waste and fraud in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, including an official's embezzlement of $900,000 and $500,000 spent by another on parties featuring belly dancers.


6| Road system fails during storm

The details: Local transportation departments were no match for a fierce storm that dumped sleet and snow on the Washington region during Wednesday's evening rush hour. Hundreds of cars were abandoned when motorists ran out of gas in eight-to-12-hour traffic jams.

Crumbling infrastructure

7| Water, water everywhere

The details: A 40-year-old water main burst in Prince George's County, destroying a church and nearby stores, flooding the Capital Beltway and forcing 400,000 people to boil their drinking water. The rupture was the latest in a string of Washington-region water main bursts.

Tuition fight

8| Discounted rates for illegals challenged

The details: Three lawsuits have been filed against Montgomery College for awarding discount tuition to undocumented students. The college's policy is at odds with state law, which does not allow illegal immigrants to receive tuition assistance for higher education.

Illegal boarding house

9| Dozens crammed into single home

The details: A gang-related stabbing led Fairfax County police to a six-bedroom Springfield house housing 26 people, including 11 illegal immigrants. The owner, a former fast-food worker, bought the $950,000 home from a real estate agent who was later indicted for mortgage fraud.

Altered history

10| Man accused of forging key Lincoln document

The details: A Woodbridge man reportedly confessed to sneaking a pen into the National Archives and altering a presidential pardon for a Civil War soldier to make it look like President Lincoln signed it the day he was assassinated.