Remember that airline commercial that asks "Want to get away?" for those embarrassing moments in life. In the internet age, there is no getting away when somebody comes up with a truly dumb, ridiculous or just plain bad idea. Unemployment jumps

1| More jobless filers than expected

The details: After encouraging December employment figures, 445,000 new Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week.

Road to insolvency

2| U.S. could lose top bond rating

The details: Wall Street ratings agencies Standard & Poor's and Moody's warned U.S. government bonds could lose their premium AAA rating because of America's enormous debt.

Mortgages due

3| 1.2m foreclosures predicted in 2011

The details: Analysts at RealtyTrac expect 2011 to be the worst year for foreclosures yet. Last year, one of every 45 homes received a foreclosure filing.


4| Public knows more than politicians

The details: According to a survey by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, public officeholders scored five points worse than the general public on a test of basic constitutional knowledge. Both groups failed the test.

Illinois tax increases

5| New taxes, no spending cuts

The details: Illinois Democrats raised the state's income tax 67 percent and the business tax 46 percent, while allowing spending increases. The move will drive businesses out of state.

You raise taxes

6| Md. governor passes buck

The details: Gov. Martin O'Malley says he will eliminate Maryland's $1.3 billion budget deficit with more spending cuts, not new taxes, as he promised during his re-election campaign. But the governor strongly hinted that legislators will do the dirty deed for him.

Body count

7| 13 homicides in 13 days in P.G. County

The details: Federal agents were dispatched to Prince George's County to help local police clear a rash of homicides that left more than a dozen people dead, including a University of Maryland student. Police say most of the killings are gang- or drug-related.

On holiday

8| P.G. Council's luxe retreat

The details: Prince George's County Council members spent their three-day annual retreat at a luxurious 400-acre Eastern Shore resort to talk about bringing more business to the county they just left. The getaway is expected to cost county taxpayers $15,000.

Statehood Avenue?

9| Renaming Penn. Ave. proposed

The details: D.C. Council member Michael Brown wants the public to submit new names for the stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue that runs past city hall. Brown wants to call attention to the capital city's still unsuccessful effort to become a state.

Shovel ready

10| Snow removal tickets proposed

The details: D.C. Council members want homeowners to pay $25 for not shoveling their sidewalks off within eight hours of a snowfall. Businesses would get $250 tickets. But residents won't get paid if their city streets are not plowed within the eight-hour limit.