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Media Matters refused SEIU's effort to organize its staff

Sean Higgins | Updated: 12 hr ago

Despite a long history of supporting unions and workplace organizing, liberal nonprofit group Media Matters for America refused labor organizers when they submitted a petition to represent MMFA's...

UAW abandons effort to overturn loss at Chattanooga Volkswagen plant

Sean Higgins | Updated: Mon, Apr 21, 2014

In an abrupt turnabout, the United Auto Workers on Monday officially dropped their attempt to get the federal government to order a new organizing election at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga,...

Wisconsin public sector union still losing members

Sean Higgins | Updated: Fri, Apr 18, 2014

Wisconsin's public sector unions continue to struggle to retain members in the wake of Gov. Scott Walker's reforms, new Labor Department filings indicate. American Federation of State, County and...

Bob Corker, other Tennessee Republicans refuse subpoenas from Big Labor

Sean Higgins | Updated: Fri, Apr 18, 2014

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said Thursday he will not comply with a subpoena issued by the United Auto Workers to appear at a regional National Labor Relations Board hearing April 21. Fellow...

House Dems demand Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam turn over documents on union bid

Sean Higgins | Published: Thu, Apr 17, 2014

Rep. George Miller, sent a letter to Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam on Wednesday demanding "all communications" between state government officials, Volkswagen and any "third parties" regarding any...

Media Matters for America is resisting SEIU's effort to unionize its staff

Sean Higgins | Updated: Thu, Apr 17, 2014

Media Matters for America is apparently resisting an effort by Service Employees International Union Local 500 to unionize its staff. Last week, the union filed a representation petition with...

NLRB rules VW workers can weigh in on UAW complaint

Sean Higgins | Published: Wed, Apr 16, 2014

Five employees of a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., will be allowed to participate in a National Labor Relations Board hearing on whether their February vote rejecting unionization should...

Chamber of Commerce ad for Idaho Republican features Mitt Romney

Sean Higgins | Published: Wed, Apr 16, 2014

Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, got a boost from the Chamber of Commerce today when it officially released an ad in which former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney endorsed him.

Study finds lowering corporate income tax would boost workers' wages

Sean Higgins | Published: Wed, Apr 16, 2014

A study released Tuesday by the Tax Analysis Center found that significantly reducing the corporate tax rate would also boost wages for workers and the economy overall. This could be done on a...

Pulitzer Board vindicates Oregonian for pension reform push that Big Labor opposed

Sean Higgins | Published: Tue, Apr 15, 2014

Throughout 2013, the Oregonian's editorial board fought a valiant battle to get state lawmakers to address the Beaver State's staggering public worker pension liabilities. The effort failed...