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Private sector makes raising children less expensive, public sector makes it more expensive

Michael Barone | Published: Tue, Aug 19, 2014

Parents have to pay lots more for things that are largely provided by or heavily regulated by government -- education (including child care) and health care.

The inevitable and tragic decline of Italy

Michael Barone | Published: Mon, Aug 18, 2014

Italy has very low birth rates and one of the world's toughest laws limiting employers' ability to fire employees. Those are goals of the environmental left and the social democratic left. So how...

Hillary Clinton not campaigning much for her party in 2014, unlike Richard Nixon in 1966

Michael Barone | Published: Sun, Aug 17, 2014

In 1966, Nixon's campaigning helped Republicans gain five Senate and 47 House seats. Clinton is apparently afraid she can't match that record in this year's midterms.

We're a 22nd Amendment nation

Michael Barone | Published: Thu, Aug 14, 2014

"Second presidential terms are almost without exception very difficult for the president and his team, for the government and the country," writes Harvard economist and former Treasury Secretary...

Fidelity to principle can make needed flexibility impossible

Michael Barone | Published: Wed, Aug 13, 2014

Hillary Clinton, like her husband, has a very wide range of stands she finds acceptable, depending on timing and circumstances. President Obama's range of acceptable positions has been far narrower.

Three hundred years later, Americans owe a debt to King George I

Michael Barone | Published: Sun, Aug 10, 2014

As we lament the effects of the Great War that broke out 100 years ago, let's remember gratefully what happened 200 years before that.

Primaries show Republican voters wary of Tea Party candidates, skeptical of party establishment

Michael Barone | Published: Wed, Aug 6, 2014

The standard thing to say about the various Republican primaries this year is that the Tea Party movement has lost one race after another. That's a defensible conclusion but also an...

A political game-changer in Britain: Boris Johnson is running for Parliament

Michael Barone | Published: Wed, Aug 6, 2014

Johnson's re-entry into parliamentary politics significantly increases the Conservatives' chances for victory next year.

Reading recommendations for summer or fall

Michael Barone | Published: Wed, Aug 6, 2014

Steven Ujifusa's A Man and His Ship: America's Greatest Naval Architect and His Quest to Build the S.S. United States is the story of William Francis Gibbs, the naval architect who designed many...

Washington state primary results show Democratic decline, but probably no serious House contests in November

Michael Barone | Published: Wed, Aug 6, 2014

In the past, Washington primary results, adding up the totals for candidates of both parties, have been pretty good indicators of the general election results, notably in 1994; but not always and...