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Liberals suppress the fact that Bush's Iraq coalition was much more multilateral than Obama's

Michael Barone | Published: Tue, Sep 30, 2014

John Kerry, as a presidential candidate in 2004, referred to George W. Bush’s coalition as a —œtrumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought and the extorted.—�

Obama stands aloof from America's four foreign policy traditions

Michael Barone | Updated: Fri, Sep 26, 2014

Whether Obama’s decision to launch air strikes against ISIS is a turning point, it was at least a move in the direction of a tradition in American foreign policy that has been conspicuously lacking...

Feminists shocked: Men ride bikes outdoors, women indoors

Michael Barone | Published: Sat, Sep 27, 2014

In a New Republic article, Alice Robb points to blog posts lamenting that most city bicycle riders and marijuana smokers are men. How can we close the "bike gap" and the "pot gap?" these writers...

Left-wing Democratic discontent simmers

Michael Barone | Published: Fri, Sep 26, 2014

President Obama's job approval has been plummeting in heavily Democratic states like California and New York, which has negative implications for Democrats in House, if not statewide, races.

Republicans poised to win most House seats since 1946

Michael Barone | Published: Thu, Sep 25, 2014

The shape of the political landscape suggests Republicans will gain House seats from the 234 they won in 2012, and possibly exceed the 242 seats they won in 2010 —" more than the party has won in...

Scots vote against independence, but controversy continues in Britain

Michael Barone | Published: Thu, Sep 25, 2014

Last week the voters of Scotland, in a heavy turnout and from age 16 up, decided not to disunite what has been arguably one of the most successful and beneficial nations over the last 307 years,...

The IRS targeted organizations teaching the Constitution and Bill of Rights

Michael Barone | Published: Tue, Sep 23, 2014

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy blog, Georgetown law professor Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz reports that on Jan. 20, 2012, the IRS revised its BOLO ("Be On the Lookout") list to include "political...

Happy 100th birthday to the oldest living former member of Congress

Michael Barone | Published: Mon, Sep 22, 2014

The oldest living former member of Congress, Ken Hechler, celebrated his 100th birthday Saturday.

Immigration reformers should learn from history

Michael Barone | Published: Mon, Sep 22, 2014

The problem, says British-born, California-based historian Gregory Clark, is that upward mobility is something of a myth, in America and elsewhere.

Scotland rejects independence, but will it embrace Adam Smith?

Michael Barone | Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

It’s clear that Scots have voted against independence and in favor of remaining in the United Kingdom.